Liam graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2012 with Honours. Liam has a keen interest in biomechanics and its affect upon injury and dysfunction. He believes strongly in well informed, targeted assessments that lead to effective exercise; and hands on management. Liam also does a lot of peer education; this comes through in his treatment approach.

He engages the patient to understand their pathology and treatment plan.

As well as his work at the South Melbourne Clinic, Liam is involved in many local sporting clubs at varying levels. This has led to volunteer work at Melbourne Heart, Victoria Athletics and more recently the head physiotherapist role at Werribee Tigers. Outside of work Liam likes to keep himself active through a variety of exercise, but loves his Crossfit.

This has brought out a love of technique based lifting in the gym and furthered his passion of using Pilates to supplement exercise pursuits. He hopes to one day be able to combine his love of sports physiotherapy and biomechanics/lifting technique.