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Project Description

Womens Health Physio

Pregnancy and motherhood can be an incredibly demanding and stressful time for yourself and your body. Our women’s health physios strive to educate you and provide you with all the necessary tools to making this time of your life as enjoyable as possible. Whether you require some hands on treatment to alleivate those aches and pains or in need of some guidance with returning to your ultimate goals we can help you. Our Women’s Health Physiotherapists (Liz Oppy, Brigid McCarthy and Bec Rowe) treat a vast range of pregnancy specific conditions including; Pelvic Girdle Pain (previously referred to as Pelvic Instability), RIb Inflammation, DRAM, neck pain, Lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, pelvic floor dysfunction and more.

The truth is that after having a baby one in three women will suffer from some kind of pelvic floor issues or incontinence. Whilst incontinence (stress, urgency, frequency) is common it is certainly not normal to put up with. The good news is that you do not have to put up with it and these symptoms can be improved with some specific pelvic floor exercises and guidance by a women’s health physiotherapist. With the assistance of Real time Ultrasound, our women’s health Physiotherapists can assess your pelvic floor, ensure you have the right technique and provide all the necessary education and advice to improving your quality of life.

Being a new mum is a very busy time and making yourself a priority to exercise is usually low on the list. At Domain health we like to provide mums with the opportunity to socialise with other mums in the same situation whilst including your beautiful babies into an exercise class with you. Come by yourself, with your baby or bring along your friends. Some great coffee shops near by for after to continue the chats!

Hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, pelvic floor issues. Sound familiar?
There are lots of changes that occur during and after menopause that not many people tell you about. These side effects are all normal as our body changes in menopause and exercise can sometimes become more difficult, however, it can also make you feel better. Come and make an appointment with our women’s health physiotherapists to correctly guide you through this period.

Research studies and clinical evidence are strongly indicating that weight training and specific exercises under the guidance of physiotherapists can significantly improve osteoporosis and bone density. Ask our physiotherapists!