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Project Description

Rahab Physiotherapy

As our population ages, falls due to reduced mobility have become a burden on the health system and can have deleterious effects on individuals and their quality of life. Using leading evidence and best practice, Domain Health implement programs to improve the strength, balance and mobility of people in need, in an attempt to reduce age related declines in mobility and rates of falls. We have established falls prevention and balance classes, or can tailor individual classes and home programs to improve mobility, balance, strength, bone density and fitness. We love helping people, particularly the elderly to maintain and optimal quality of life with as little pain and as much confidence as possible. At Domain Health you will always feel supported and inspired in our fun and friendly environments.

The physiological effects of a stroke, brain or spinal cord injury, can have a huge impact on an individuals function and quality of life. Domain Health’s physiotherapists have special interest and experience in implementing a specific and tailored rehabilitation strategy, including muscle and movement retraining, functional retraining, endurance training and prosthetic or aid prescription. Please contact our clinics for more information or to arrange an initial assessment

Domain Health have a strong affiliation with Epworth Richmond and Epworth Cliveden in assisting their inpatients recovering from surgery. This care extends to our outpatient clinic services. We have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to guide the recovery and rehabilitation of a range of procedures or events. From joint replacements (hip, knee, etc), spinal surgery, joint reconstructions (shoulder, knee, ankle, etc), tendon repairs, abdominal surgery, breast surgery, right through to deconditioning in the elderly we can help you return to optimal function – whether that be returning home safely and independently, or returning to competitive sport.

Osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are painful conditions that can alter functional movement and cause significant pain. With correct patient care and management Domain Health can optimize the strength od the muscles around these painful joints to support them, thus improving functional movement and quality of life.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis and asthma are common respiratory conditions that are characterised by shortness of breath and can impede peoples lives drastically. Domain Health physiotherapists utilise best practice guidelines and evidence to implement safe and effective exercise rehabilitation and sputum clearing strategies to improve oxygenation and manage shortness of breath.