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Project Description

Aged Care

Domain Health is looking to become a market leader in the servicing of Aged Care facilities. We believe there is a large gap in the market in terms of quality of service, the relationship with the facility, and the pricing structure. Our aim is to bridge this gap with an excellence and determination not yet seen in this industry.

We currently service many aged care facilities across Melbourne from Ringwood to Melton including high, low and dementia units. We look forward to increasing our work in this area, and welcome any questions from current providers in the area.

Aged care Current facilities are:

  • Sutton Park Aged Care
  • Doutta Galla – Avondale heights
  • Doutta Galla – Footscray
  • Doutta Galla – Grantham Grange
  • Doutta Galla – Yarraville Village
  • Doutta Galla – Queens Park
  • Doutta Galla – Avondale Heights
  • Doutta Galla- Lynch’s Bridge
  • Doutta Galla – Woornack
  • Corben House
  • Northcliff Lodge
  • Nixon House