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Project Description

Personal Training

At Domain Health our staff LOVE to encourage people to become the fittest and best version of themselves! And if your preference is to do this in a fitness training style we can cater for you! Whether your goal be to lose weight, build muscular strength and power, improve cardiovascular fitness, or a combination of everything, our personal training service can guide you to your goals in a friendly, fun and energetic environment!

We have a fully equipped studio with weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, reformers, resistance bands, boxing equipment, treadmills, bikes and more. We offer individual, small group, or class based training, at various times throughout the week, and to cater for all levels of fitness so you will feel completely comfortable regardless of your age, fitness or goals. We have an extremely high success rate and welcome challenges!

With all of our personal training and pilates services we require new clients to have an initial individual assessment by one of our therapists. This assessment allows us to clearly identify your strengths, weaknesses, muscular imbalances, personal goals, and provide outcome measures, to enhance and optimise the program we design for you and your overall outcomes. Following this together we can determine what form of session would be best suited to you –  individual sessions, small groups of 2-4 people, or a class of up to 8 people.

Kettlebell class at Domain Health Melbourne