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Project Description

Hospital Contracts

We are currently contracted to the Epworth Clevedon Private hospital. We perform in-patient therapy, post surgical support, set up rehabilitation programs, deliver in home treatments and follow up discharge physio. We are committed long term to providing caring, effective physiotherapy at this hospital. It has allowed us to set up great relationships with doctors, surgeons, radiologists and nursing staff, which are at our disposal to assist you whenever you need. If your condition is serious, and you require further investigations or a referral to a specialist, you can trust us to have the contacts and relationships in place to make that happen as quickly and smoothly as possible for you.

Epworth Clivedon has also added our services to look after pre and post breast care and lymphodema massage for women undergoing breast surgery for the removal of tumours. We are now onsite everyday performing this service.

Our physiotherapists also provide relief hours to the Epworth public, when they require it. They come to us to help cover the general cardio, orthopaedics and neurological wards. It allows our therapists to broaden their skills, and gives them a wide variety of patients to service, making us an employer of choice within the industry, with highly skilled employees.