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Project Description

High Performance Physio

Domain Health’s qualified and experienced staff use the latest in video analysis technology to clinically assess, diagnose and treat athletes, enabling timely return to sport or injury management and prevention. This is at the cutting edge of sports science.

We currently see Olympic track athletes, professional and amateur footballers, golfers, tennis players, international gymnasts, and high level hockey players, amongst others. Our programs are specific and scientific, and we liase with coaches to ensure the athlete has a seamless transition from injury to sport.

If you are a weekend warrior, or a high level athlete, it may be worth having a biomechanics assessment with us to identify any injury risks. We use the specific data we pick up from slow motion video analysis, to identify any imbalances and dysfunction in your body. We then build a tailored program to correct these issues. We are linked to a number of sporting teams where we are using this process with great results. If you are a sporting club looking for an edge, please don’t hesitate to contact us about what we can offer you.