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Project Description

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is individually designed Pilates programs tailored by our qualified physiotherapists and myotherapist specifically for you, the client.

Pilates is a method of exercise therapy that when practiced properly and with consistency develops control and endurance of the whole body, improves flexibility, and builds strength. It puts emphasis on correct alignment, developing a strong core, improving balance, coordination and fine control of the joints of the body. Our physiotherapists are trained to not only instruct you on the correct technique to perform Pilates, but will modify and create exercise specific to your individual’s needs and goals, and increase intensity and level as your body adapts to the practice to ensure optimal results.

At Domain Health we use a combination of reformer and trapeze spring resisted equipment, and floor based Pilates exercises to train the body’s control of deep postural muscles and normalise movement and function. This method of training has been proven to reduce pain, decrease injury and re-injury risk, assist rehabilitation, improve strength and balance, and aid in relaxation and wellbeing.

Key areas trained in our reformer Pilates classes include:

  • Deep abdominal and lower back muscles
  • Deep pelvic/hip muscles
  • Upper and middle back muscles
  • Shoulder stability and postural muscles

The purpose of training these muscles is to provide stability, strength and control to the lower back, pelvic and hip joints, upper back, neck and shoulder regions.

At Domain Health we pride ourselves on tailoring an exercise program and routine specific to each individuals needs and goals. We are creative with our exercises and classes and monitor each person to ensure you will always do exercises correctly, appropriate for you, and at your level.

Contact us today to arrange an initial assessment with one of our physiotherapists or myotherapists, and commence the journey to a stable, sound, and pain free body.