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Can I claim pilates and personal training on my private health insurance? 2017-12-17T01:41:56+00:00

All services provided at Domain Health are executed by highly trained health professionals and therefore, all treatments, pilates classes, myotherapy, massage and personal training sessions are claimable with your private health insurance. We have HICAPS terminals on site for your convenience to swipe your card and claim instantly.

How much will I get back on my health insurance? 2017-12-17T01:41:52+00:00

The amount that your private health insurance will cover relies uniquely on which health fund you are with and your level of cover. If you would like to confirm the exact amount that will be covered by your health insurance company, we would suggest to contact our South Melbourne clinic on 9696 1597 and request the necessary codes to make your enquiry.

Are there set times for your classes or can I make an appointment that suits me? 2017-12-17T01:41:48+00:00

We do not have a timetable of set classes for our small group classes, however, if there is a particular time that suits you we are more than happy to make this a regular booking for you each week depending on availability. Please be mindful that before and after work time slots are incredibly popular and there may be a short waiting list for these. There are set times for our circuit pilates classes at Prahran. These times can be found under our timetable section.

How many people in each class? 2017-12-17T01:41:45+00:00

At Domain Health we pride ourselves on providing you with individualised attention and specific programs in an attempt to achieve your fitness goals. Due to this we like to limit our small group classes to 3-4 people per practitioner. You may be fortunate at times to have only two people per practitioner or even an individual session. The pilates fitness circuit class can have up to 8 people in each session, which provides a buzz and lively atmosphere to motivate you to push yourself a little harder.

How long do the sessions go for? 2017-12-17T01:41:40+00:00

Sessions generally run for 40 minutes with some time for specific stretching at the conclusion of the class. We strongly encourage you to arrive 5 – 10 minutes earlier and use the cardio equipment to warm up properly and you are more than welcome to stay and complete your own stretching if you wish. The larger groups and circuit classes run for one hour.

Do I need an assessment before I start or can I just show up to a group? 2017-12-17T01:41:37+00:00

YES! You most definitely need to be assessed by a physiotherapist or myotherapist before booking in for a class session. Depending on your injury or fitness goals, your practitioner may even recommend a few one-on-one sessions first to learn your program and work on specific technique before putting you in to a group class. Your practitioner will discuss this in depth with you so you feel comfortable with which class you attend.

What is the difference between massage and myotherapy? 2017-12-17T01:41:34+00:00

Remedial massage involves soft tissue massage techniques to release tight muscles of a certain area. Clinical myotherapy involves assessing, diagnosing and treating a specific body part or injury using techniques of dry needling, myofascial release, cupping and more. Whilst we certainly provide remedial massage services of 20mins, 40mins and 60mins at all our clinics, we have found that our clients are opting for clinical myotherapy sessions instead and achieving much better results with their symptoms. Our myotherapists are exceptionally skilled with an incredible in depth knowledge of anatomy and a holistic approach to treatment.

Can babies and children join me to the mums and babies sessions? 2017-12-17T01:41:25+00:00

We are well aware that as busy mums, one thing holding you back from exercising and fixing your injuries is time and lack of babysitters. Due to this fact we are more than happy to have babies at our clinics with you in your sessions. Whilst we love the company of babies and toddlers in our classes, please be reminded that they remain the responsibility of the parent at all times. Our Prahran clinic is definitely suitable for children with a play pen, colouring in and plenty of toys. We also encourage you to bring some dry snacks for your child as well (please note we are a nut free zone!). On arrival to your first treatment we request you fill out a liability form for insurance purposes only.

Will I be charged if I cancel my appointment? 2017-12-17T01:42:52+00:00

Due to our waitlists for popular timeslots and certain practitioners we do enforce a strict cancellation policy and request you familiarise yourself with this policy. Whilst we appreciate that circumstances arise in our busy lives we are more than happy to reschedule your appointment for you. However, we require a minimum of SIX BUSINESS HOURS notice to cancel or change you appointment. Leaving a message on the answering machine after hours may not be satisfactory. If you need to cancel within this time frame a $20 cancellation fee will apply.